Home to Maggie Lard

At the beginning of July we left our cosy Swiss life (hashtag mountains, hashtag blessed, hashtag amazing trains) and started planning a move into the unknown. The only big scare factor is that we have no plan or even idea where we want to 'settle down', and when, and what exactly we want to do in the future (Tadzik does not seem to be bothered by that). In any case this is something we don't want to be thinking about right now. With Brexit looming and global economy slowing down, who know what world we will be coming back to? We might actually need to live in the tent... 🙈

The backpacks are packed and after changing plans somewhere around a million times, we are now ready to set off to Colombia. As for now the plan is to travel southbound from Colombia to Chile in the next four months, but we have a one way ticket so nothing is off the table. And this is the beauty of the whole endeavour!

We decided that keeping a blog is the best way to let people know what we are up to for multiple reasons a) we hate Facebook wholeheartedly and hope that it will die out in our lifetime b) it is very unlikely that we would find a motivation to write regularly long personal e-mails c) it seems like a fun way to document our experiences d) my mom can practice her English reading it e) I can shut the whole thing down with one click of a button. (But don't worry, we will still annoy you with messages and pictures!)

What we are excited about:

  • seeing some of these, these and these. Tadzik also wants to do this.
  • doing as much camping as possible in our brand new four season tent (better be worth it to carry those extra 2.4kg...)
  • most definitely hiking around Patagonia
  • being away from Europe
  • not talking (or caring) about: work, work permits, understanding German, learning Swiss German, next weekend plans even though it is only Wednesday

What we are most scared of:

  • bloggers/vloggers/instagrammers/influencers mindlessly roaming around ruining every single landscape, culture and experience. And no, having a blog does not make me one of them 🤫
  • finding out that the places that we are planning to visit look nothing like in the pictures I've seen because the search results mostly contain pictures from heavily curated blogs of influencers (see point number one)

So that's it. We are very happy for the times ahead. Most exciting of all is that we have freedom to change our plans whenever and for whatever reason...

... Sail on!