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Tadzik is getting fatter with every spoon of butter. It rhymes, therefore it must be true.

On another note, I cannot believe we will be in Mongolia for at least one more month, and very probably even longer. Somehow doing nothing by your own choice is very different from being constrained by circumstances. But so far it seems that it's better to be in here in Mongolia, where everything is pretty much open, than in Europe under a proper lock down.

We are keeping ourselves busy and on the days when I don't read news it is quite ok. I am remaking my personal website and experimenting with graphic design. We bought chess and we play it everyday - which is for me also personality training as it turns out I am very bad at losing. I also bought a yoga mat and will start some exercise routine today. All of this in the effort to keep sane - so far we are succeeding. But we miss a lot family and friends and... normality I guess.

Oh, and I started writing a diary - Coronadiary, if you will. Offline, just for myself, a chronicle of this bizarre time. I really hope one day in a near future all this madness will seem like a mad dream and everything will get back to normal - ruthless capitalism fueled by excessive consumption, that is.