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We spent only one full day in Bogota but it was enough to get the flavour of the city and not become overwhelmed by it. So we walked around to explore the La Caldelaria neighbourhood and walked up Monserrate (which was embarrasingly challenging - but we feel excused by two nights of bus/plane sleep). Looking at the city from above makes you realize just how huuuge it is.

You see? Huuuuge!

We were quite happy with our day but after talking to few people in our hostel we realized that we were absolutely not doing it right. Grafitti tour was the thing to do! Must be interesting but... do you really need a grafitti tour in Bogota? The city is covered with amazing street art for you to interpret at every turn, do you really need a free (not free) walking tour? *

Which brings up another question: how you want to live, como tu quieres vivir? Do you want to explore the world your way and for yourself or let other people tell you how you should see it? Do you want just check things off the list someone else made or  pick things that actually interest you?

Anyway - so far we like what we see. And street food is absolutely delicious!

*Tadzik made a (probably correct) point that we come off as travel pricks (used a different word though). Maybe a good name for a blog? 🤔

Below the smog at sun rise. It got us thinking that if we had simply carbon-offset our flight this smog would never have occurred, right?! 🤔